Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Western Camoping...Day 19...Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rules of Camping #32...Always store liquids in a leak-proof container.

Not a good night's sleep last night...a combination of dust, heat and altitude did not make for good sleeping. After making coffee, I o0pen the refrigerator to get a container of yoghurt and find that I have a surprise...a very unpleasant surprise. A large container of “Dulce de Leche” (milk syrup) has fallen over during the last drive, and it has spilled everywhere...covering almost everything in the refrigerator, pooled at the bottom and spilled out of the refrigerator onto the floor and under the floor mats. first order of the day is a nasty two-hour cleanup job removing sticky syrup from inside the camper.
At 8900 feet, the air is thin at the campground...hiking is out of the question. So, I set about filling my water tank...fifty yards back and forth from the central campground faucet a gallon at a time. The altitude makes this a tough job...I have to rest half-way on each leg of the trip. That done, I reorganize things in the Explorer...there's always some shifting during travel. Later I read for a few hours...listen to music on the iPod boombox.
Around 5:00, it's cocktail time...a Bourbon on the rocks and some spiced pecans. Later, I saute up the last of the bacon from Don and Mickie's party and throw it into some pasta sauce and cooked penne for a nice meal with an even nicer bottle of Chianti.
After dinner, I finish off the rest of the wine as the sun goes down...then a little Gran Marnier before bedtime. Hopefully a better sleeping night as I become acclimated to the altitude.

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