Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 20...Sunday, June 22, 2014 wasn't a great sleep, but certainly better than the night before. I've got leftover coffee in the Thermos, so I can enjoy a cup right away with a morning cigar.
I packed up and hitched up the camper last night so, as soon as I finish my third cup of coffee, I'm on the road to the east side of the Park to find a campsite.
It's another one and a half hour “white knuckle” trip up and over the Rockies. My early start pays dividends as I am able to find a nice campsite in the Moraine Park Campground. I unhitch and set up camp. Then, it's off to Estes Park for lunch. I head to Ed's Cantina...very good Mexican food, icy cold beer and excellent Margaritas. I settle in at the bar and order a “top shelf” Margarita followed by Bison Enchiladas with Green Pork Sauce and Dos Equis draft. I feel much better now.
After lunch, I walk around Estes Park for awhile, pick up a few souvenirs. Then, I drive over to Estes Park Brewery for a cold lager (15 “beers” on tap and only one is a lager). On the way back to camp, I stop at the Safeway and pick up a steak and some potato salad.
Two guys camping next to me stop by to say hello. Rob and Tim...friends from Baltimore, although Rob has moved to California. Tim flew out to the West Coast, and the two of them are on a three-week camping trip. I read for awhile before cocktail time. I grill my steak and eat that with some potato salad and a chocolate bar for dessert.
After dinner, Rob and Tim stop back over with some firewood and a cooler full of beer (ale, actually). It turns out that they are fellow arthritis sufferers, so we share and compare our medications purchased in Colorado. We talk, tell stories and jokes, laugh...and drink lots of beers very late into the night. It's after 1:00AM before we finally call it a night.

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