Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Daqy 8...Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Roger is knocking on the door of the camper early this morning. Garyl has fresh coffee brewed, and he's whipping up an awesome breakfast of poached eggs, bacon, venison sausage, potatoes O'Brien and toast.
After breakfast, we get to work. Roger and I take down Garyl's snow fences...cutting and storing the ties, pulling out the wooden slats, pulling out the metal stakes and folding up the plastic fencing. Then, Roger and Garyl spend an hour or so on large mowers cutting the grass on Garyl's large property.
Our "chores" finished, we shoot for a couple of hours. Garyl is a professional marksman, and he has a very large collection of guns stored in two secure safes. So...over the next few hours, we shoot a .22, two 9mms, my Glock 10mm, an AR-15, a 12 Gauge shotgun with shot and a 12 Gauge "Slug Gun" with slugs. When it's over, we are all tired (and sore).
Sandwiches for lunch...then a few hours sitting around Garyl's driveway next to Roger and Gretchen's RV...just talking and relaxing. At 4:00, it's cocktail hour...a few bourbons. Roger grills steaks for dinner, Garyl cooks up potatoes, and I throw in a few bottles of wine.
We stay up late...drinking wine...talking.
A late night.

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