Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 2...Wednesday, June 4, 2014

At 6:00AM or so, I'm up after a good night's sleep. My new camper is insulated well, so I've gotten through the night without having to turn the furnace on. Inside, I set up my coffeemaker and brew a pot. Over the next hour or so, I enjoy my coffee and a morning cigar while I check my emails.
Later, I hike for an hour around the campground before returning to camp for breakfast. I made about two dozen pieces of French Toast before I left home, so I heat up a few of those along with more coffee, a glass of orange juice and some milk.
Cousin Bill would like to have my “Go Anywhere” portable toilet for his camper, and I don't need it anymore because I now have a toilet right inside my camper. I had intended to mail it to cousin Bill before I left home, but things got busy, so I brought it with me to mail from up here. I drive 30 miles or so to the FedEx office in Petoskey where they dutifully pack everything up.
I head back to Mackinaw City for lunch...a little family place with good whitefish. I enjoy another big platter of fried whitefish and finish things off with a very large piece of coconut cream pie.
Back at camp, Roger and Gretchen have arrived. I help them set up camp. Later in the afternoon, we settle in for cocktail hour. I break out my bottle of “Eagle Rare”, and we put a pretty good “dent” in that. Roger rustles up a great dinner, and we enjoy that with some wine...a lot of wine.
As night falls, we build a big fire and settle into comfortable chairs for warmth and more wine...a lot more wine.
By 10:00PM, we're all pretty beat, so off to bed.

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