Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 5...Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another early morning of coffee...and a very light breakfast.
Leaving Munising, we stop at a small grocery for more pasties. Now we have a drive of several hours to a KOA Campground just outside of Duluth in the town of Cloquet, Minnesota. Along the way, we stop a few times for fuel (I'm only getting 10-11mpg towing the camper, so my “cruising range” is only about 200 miles or so). At 12:00, we stop at a roadside park for a lunch,,,enjoying the pasties we bought in the morning.
Late afternoon, we arrive at the KOA in Cloquet. My cousin, Bill, and I camped here last year, and it was a pretty nice campground. But...not so nice this time around. First, they bill the wrong bank card for my stay, and I get “dinged” with an overdraft my $30.00 site becomes a $60.00 site. It's rained here, and the campground is really muddy. Their Wi-Fi is not working, so no Internet access.
We grill some bratwurst and bacon for a few bottles of wine...builsd another fire in our wet and muddy firepit.
We get out our atlas to plan our trip for tomorrow. We decide to head north to Voyageurs National Park. I had to skip that stop last year, so I'm excited now to get a chance to visit a “new” National Park.
A few “bourbons” around the campfire, but it's windy and cold.
Yet another early night.

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