Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 7...Monday, June 9, 2014

The weather is not cooperating this morning. I'm up around 7:00 for coffee...under dark and cloudy skies with a light rain falling. Roger cooks up a “skillet breakfast” inside the motor home...potatoes, onions, eggs and sausage...all scrambled together. We plot our “strategy” for the sense renting a boat if it's raining, so we decide to wait until 10:00AM to see if the weather breaks. By 10:00, we see a few patches of blue in the sky, so we are mildly optimistic. But it soon clouds over again and the light rain resumes.
At noon, we make a “command decision” boating trip for us today...time to pack up and get back on the road. We figure that we'll drive four hours or so to the town of Warroads, Minnesota and camp there for the night. Naturally, the weather breaks once we get on the road...a sunny, but long, drive.
In Warrorads, we stop for gas. We could camp here for the night...or...we could drive another 160 miles to Bathgate, North Dakota and camp at the home of one of Roger's best friends, Garyl. We opt to drive on.
It's a “tough” three and a half hour drive and, when we at last arrive at Garyl's, we are all pretty “beat”. Garyl is an excellent host...and we soon set up camp with electrical hookups. We set up chairs in Garyl's driveway and enjoy a few cocktails before dinner. Garyl and Roger worked together for several years, and there are many amusing stories of their times together.
A light dinner is consumed...and more than a few bottles of wine are opened...and emptied.
Another long (very) day and another early night.

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