Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 6...Sunday, June 8, 2014

The usual “morning ritual”...up early for coffee and breakfast. Then, we are on the road once again. It's a long drive today...north out of Cloquet up to Voyageurs National Park...way up in the northern part of Minnesota near the Canadian Border.
Voyageurs National Park is almost exclusively a “boaters” park. Their are a series of lake and rivers comprising the park, and most of that is accessible only from the water. We arrive late afternoon and drive to one of several Visitor's Centers. The ranger is not particularly helpful, but we get a “guide” to the area. We are at Lake Kabetogama, and there is a choice between camping at one of several National Forest Campgrounds or private camping at one of the many resorts and lodges on the south shore of the lake. We opt for sites in a small resort on a secluded cove. It's too late to do much today, but we plan out our activities for a pontoon boat, bar hop around the shore of the lake, dock at one of many small islands for lunch. It should be a very fun day.
Afternoon “cocktail hour” begins...Roger splits some logs with his “splitter ax” for a nice big fire. A “snacking dinner” of nuts, chips and salsa, cheese dip, some smoked whitefish.
It's been a long day...and we have our “big day” tomorrow. Off to bed before 10:00PM.

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