Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 14, Monday, June 16, 2014

My original plan was to leave this morning for Lincoln, Nebraska...a five hundred mile drive south and west. But those plans have changed. As many of you know, I have been having some “family problems” in Florida. But, before I left on my camping trip, a certain relative (well...”half-relative) and I worked out a temporary financial arrangement, and I secured his “word of honor” that the arrangement be would be honored and that I would be “undisturbed” on my camping trip. And now...he has broken his “word of honor” and all hell has broken loose in Florida. My attorney there is out until I decide to stick around and talk to him before heading any further west...since I might, instead, be heading to Florida.

So...on this Monday, I'm trading a 500 mile drive for a day of work. Everything that we've done over the past few days now has to be “undone”. Tables and chairs are cleaned, broken down and restacked in the garage. Leftovers are carefully evaluated and discarded or stored. The huge tent comes down...stakes out, poles down...almost as difficult coming down as going up. Roger and I make the “trash run”...the bed of his rented pickup filled with bags of garbage. Then we return Roger's rental and are picked up by Don to return for lunch.
A great lunch of leftover meats and salads...and desserts. More work until early evening.'s “cocktail time” once again. Later, another great meal of leftovers.
In the evening, sitting outside...talking, drinking wine...late in to the evening.

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