Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Day 12...Saturday...June 14, 2014

The big day is finally here.
By the time that I get up, Roger already has a pot of coffee brewed. We sit in the garage over coffee and cigars. We are in side because it is already raining. The skies are dark...good thing that we have a tent.
I spend the early part of the day setting up the rest of the tables and chairs and performing a number of “odd jobs”. I make a run into Grand Forks to pick up more beer. Roger left a case of Miller Lite in the garage refrigerator last night and, this morning, it's about empty. I know that it was a late night last night as we partied with the “Kansas City Gang”.
Now, carloads of people begin to, friends, neighbors. Everybody brings a dish to share...and people tend to bring what they make best. By late afternoon, things are in full swing...lots of food?
I renew contact with lots of people that I've met here in years past...and I am greeted warmly. I've said many times that I always feel like family here. I also meet a lot of new people...and that's always fun.
As evening falls, Don gets the band set up in the barn...and the music starts. It will go on, in one form or another, until 3:00AM or so.
Lots of beer and wine is consumed this day...a lot of it by yours truly. I make it until a little after midnight...then it's time for bed.
It's been a great...and long day...and night.

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