Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 Western Camping...Days 9, 10, 11...Wednesday-Friday, June 11-13, 2014

Wednesday morning, I make a "command decision". Roger and Gretchen want to travel to northern North Dakota to visit the "Peace Gardens" and, later, the Ronald Regan minuteman Missile Command Site. I'm not up for another day of driving (including three tanks of gas @ $60.00/tank). Plus, from Garyl's, I'm only an hour or less to Don and Mickie's.
So...after another great breakfast, Roger and Gretchen head out for the day. I grab a hot shower at Garyl's and head out around 10:00. In Grand Forks, I stop at Cabela's for some "bug repellant", then on to Happy Harry's wine and Liquor. At Happy Harry's, I load up on Bourbon, wine and a few cases of beer. I make another stop for groceries, then on to Don and Mickie's. When I arrive, no one is home, so I park my camper in my "designated spot" and hook up to the electrical outlets that Don has installed for campers.
Later, Mickie returns home and invites me in for rhubarb crisp and freshly-baked brownies. Don arrives later, and we have a few hours to talk. It's rainy, so Roger and Gretchen make the "Peace Gardens", but opt to skip the Missile Site. They roll in around 6:00...more cocktails. Mickie serves up a "hot meal" of "Southwest Pasta" along with salads, rolls, and plenty of dessert.
After dinner, a few beers outside...the rain has cleared up. Then, an early bedtime.

Thursday morning, Don and Roger have already been to Grand Forks to pick up a rental pickup by the time that I get out of bed. Later, Roger and I travel back to Grand Forks so that Roger can pick up Groceries and make his Happy Harry's stop. Back at Don and Mickie's, it's a day of work. Don and Roger mow the property, and I work with others to clean the garage and set up tables and chairs.
Later in the afternoon, oit's time for cocktails. Then, Roger, Gretchen and I head into Thompson for "steak night" at Brewski's Bar. The steak is thin, but decent. Not much of a wine selection at Brewski's, so we stick to beer. Back at Don and Mickie's, more beers...a few bottle of wine. Bedtime.

Friday, Roger cooks up breakfast in the morning. Later, Roger, Gretchen and I head back in to Grand Forks to stop at a small casino/bar for Bloody Marys and beers. ur stop there is a yearly tradition. Then, back to Don and Mickie's for more work...tables, chairs, a huge propane grill. Others arrive with a giant tent...good idea since rain is expected on Saturday. It takes close to three hours to set up the tent...large stakes, putting the tent pieces together, tightening the lines. It's a big job, but we are working with some family "tent experts" (Michael and Cody). When all is finished, the tent is solid and's not going anywhere. Mickie serves up another "hot meaql" of barbecue sandwiches and a plethora of desserts for lunch.
More work during the afternoon. This party is a massive undertaking, and there is always something left to do. It's fun work, and I am happy to participate as best I can.

another "hot meal" from Mickie for dinner. More wine after dinner.
Another early night...tomorrow is the "big day".

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